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Who are we?

we are independent couple who love to share our passion  – Shows/Videos/audio

Name - Vishal & Jigna



we are both 30



INDIA ( we Are NRI ) currently in INDIA


Whose videos are in the site?

All videos in the site are our “own” meaning they are ours some couple some solo FEMALE only videos

All videos are of us 2 ( vishal and Jigna ) we dont have videos of OTHERS, The various series are ROLE PLAYS done by US ONLY !
so before buying please read this ( only 1 video has ANOTHER person which is "threesome video")


What does Full site access mean?

It means you can watch ALL videos + any new video we add for your time of subscription

for example you purchase a 7 days plan – you can than watch ALL AVAILABLE videos on the website for a period 7 DAYS + In those 7 days if we add anything new , you can watch that too!!


What does limited time access mean?

It means you get access to all videos for a limited time ( days ) example 7 day , 14 days , 1 month etc..

So if you bought 7 days plan , after 7 days it will automatically disable your access to the video until you renew the plan or buy another plan.


What is lifetime access?

Lifetime access = you buy a certains SINGLE video OR a COMBO of a few videos (a little higher price then limited time access) and you can watch it rest of your life no limit no expiry on the VIDEO you bought.

Example – you like our video “MY FIRST THREESOME” you can pay 399/- and buy that video for a lifetime access – please note YOU GET TO WATCH ONLY THAT 1 video you bought for LIFETIME not all , you can buy single video or multiple videos as you choose / wish.


Do you have pictures on the website?

No – but we are working on it to add soon.


Do meet in real?

NO – NO REAL MEETS AT ANY COST NOT EVEN IF U PAY IN CRORES ( Best don’t waste time and energy in asking that please )

what services are available ?

1 – CAM

2 – Phone audio

3 – HD videos on the site
4 - Snapchat

Can the videos be downloaded?

Nope – you cannot download the videos


How can I watch if I cant download?

Simple steam online we use top of the line OTT servers (same as amazon prime) stream online and watch.


Why is site running slow ?

possible reasons – CLEAR browser chache.

Use compatible browser like CHROME.

Possibly site is being updated/ maintenance ( we usually schedule it and you will get an error so this is very slim chance of it effecting ) and maximum DOWNTIME is around 15 minutes once a month . Unless some emergency !


Will you be my GF / Lover?

No thank you I am happily married with 2 kids and DON’T need anyone else , getting enough love

If m here showing myself it does not mean I AM NOT SATISFIED so please remove that thought.


Can we be friends?

Yes we make lots and lots of friends , BUT if u cross limits we don’t accept it so yeah better respect the limits and privacy


Is my data safe?

Except your EMAIL ID ( which u use for signup ) our website DOES NOT GET ACCESS or SAVE anything at all. So yes we are completely blank except your EMAIL ID

Online payments via payapal and offline payment via the links provided is it safe?


Please note we don’t have PAYMENT SETUP INTERNALLY IN OUR WEBSITE , when you choose the mode of payment and want to pay you are REDIRECTED TO the partners website and you pay on the partners SECURE site and we get confirmation that’s it. SO YES ITS SAFE

Example you want to pay via paytm / upi and you choose the OFFLINE PAYMENT VIA THE LINKS

You will be redirected to Paytm QR code ( you can check well known ) you go to their App and pay take a screenshot and send us . so we have access to none of your details in any case.


If you plan to pay ONLINE AND ACTIVATE Automatically via PAYPAL – when you click pay now again you will be REDIRECTED TO PAYAPL website where you pay on their website and our website gets a confirmation automatically and unlocks videos for you automatically and again we have access to none of your details.


Do`s and Don’t`s

1 – Don’t time pass

2 – Don’t steal and post our videos on sites or sell or your NAMED FIR will be next in the list ( we have lodged 5 FIRS till date on such )
3 – Don’t ask for dates / real meets or ask PERSONAL questions

4 – Give Respect take Respect

5 – Don’t make us angry

6 – Do enjoy to our service

7 – have fun and we wish you jerk of a million times watching us

8 – Tip us 😉

9 – If you enjoy rate the video on site and share with us your reviews

10 – have a great life , live have fun and make it count 😊

Where can we contact you for any queries

You can contact us on various platforms / modes mentioned below

1 - Website chat

2 - Email (
3 - Skype
4 - Twitter

5 - Facebook

6 - Instagram

All Social media links are at bottom of every page ( social media icons ) on touching / Clicking them will take you to

our relevant social media accounts.

We are as mentioned independent - DONT HAVE ANY dedicated call center / customer care - so expect delay in response

during some hours when either of us are resting or something ( usually 5-6 hours )

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